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      The vacant space seems to be a huge playground where you can stroll and hide yourself from the eyes and lights of the city. There is room for stories to be told, to give way to daydreaming and images of a utopia, to imagine the city differently and to let a thousand projects and desires flourish.


The face, the layout and streets of Berlin have never ceased to evolve over the past decades, and yet the city is now changing faster than ever before. Excavators beat to the rhythm of this change - metamorphoses are often painful.


A sweet melancholy floats in the air and everyone seems to be nostalgic for a past that is slowly but relentlessly moving further away, and for a place whose contours and outlines they sometimes neither knew nor understood. Suddenly a large silhouette with a cut-out geometry appears in a construction site landscape, reminding us that dreams emerge here from the ruins. 


Like a meditative walk where thoughts follow one another, this series explores Berlin and its places in transition, in order to capture what will have lasted only a moment, depicting places where dream and freedom come together with the nostalgia of a gone era.



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