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Célia Uhalde is a french photo designer based in Allgäu in Germany, working on architecture and landscape.

She took an interest in photography during her architecture studies, using this medium to capture and interrogate the notions of space, composition and texture in urban design.

After graduating from the National School of Architecture Paris Val de Seine in 2013, she worked with Bernard Desmoulin at his architecture firm. This collaboration strengthened her keenness for the stories and the history that a building or a place carries.

In 2015 she moved to Berlin and works since then between France and Germany as a photo designer, continuing this reflection on how architecture shapes public space and the landscapes. She is now living in Allgäu in the south of Germany.



[de]  +49 1575 9611476  

[fr]  +33 6 81 99 10 45





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