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During the summertime, the coastal resort town of Saint-Jean-de-Monts is appreciated by tourists for its recreational and leisure activities. The massive buildings right on the seafront sculpt a territory constructed for man, giving as many people as possible an ocean view for their holidays. 


With the arrival of autumn, the small town slowly regains its peaceful pace, while the seafront seems suspended in time. Streets are empty. Blinds are shut. Silence sets in. The atmosphere is calm, cradled by the sound of rolling waves afar. The absence of man can be felt at every corner of every street, leaving the awkward feeling that you arrived too late: you missed the party.


The holidays are over, but the land hasn’t recovered. It bears the marks of the passed season and of the ones to come. The departure of the passing inhabitants reveals the grand presence of these concrete silhouettes anchored to the seaside. The buildings seem to seize possession of the place, as every wall and every sign fill the void with silent stories.


Lifeless and stripped down to its sole outline, the monumental architecture of the seafront reveals poetically its meant purpose: the dream of happiness accessible to all.



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